VANTEE and ESSENLITE  are two registered trade mark of our company. VANTEE is for the portable or stand devices for hospital and clinic use. ESSENLITE is for the hand hold 

devices, for hospital, clinic or personal home use, such as the hydra stamp, derma roller, derma pen system.


The brand ESSENLITE composes by two words”  ESSENCE” and “ ELITE”.

The first word means the nature or the most vital part, which help us focus on the important part from product design, material choose, production process, to the quality control.

Ensure everything we have done is qualified to make the product functions come true, and meet the customers demands.

The second word means the company wish that to design the advanced functions, keep the high level quality, try best to be the top suppliers on the market.

The atrovirens color means the materials are environment- friendly and human – friendly, meet the demands of ROHS. On the other hand, green color symbolizes the 

company hope for human health, which are also the product treatment purpose .

The brand ESSENLITE fully explains the company vision and mission, based on the advanced functions and high quality, supply product & service to meet the market demands, 

as well as to keep human health.

Be professional before be effective.

Finer roller Brand is specially designed for the new generation derma roller or derma stamp with 33G 0.2mm needles, the "Finer" has two means, one is for the better deisng to get higher treatment effect , another is for the more shaper penetration to decrease the pressure on skin and decrease the treatment pain feeling. For more info, please visit new product MS64,MS192,MS540,MS300.