Why Choose New Generation Finer Roller

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Safest finer needles (33G)


Compare to the general 192 derma roller with diameter 0.35mm (plated with chemical gold), the new finer roller is made by cone-shape needles with diameter 0.2mm, tip sharp between 0.01mm-0.02mm, all needles plated with 24K genuine gold.


With the new needles manufacture technology, the surface of the needle is much more smooth than the general types, combined with 24K gold plated, they will through the skin

quickly and easily, which also with help decrease the painful feelings during the process.



The finer roller micro needles are atraumatic cone shape needles with new technology 0.2mm diameter stainless steel with HV 370-420, that during the skin puncture process, creates micro and finer wound that seals within minutes after the treatment. What’s more, the highest HV ensure the needles hard enough during the thousands treatments without curved tip and blunt tip; which will not damage and leave the micro metal filing into skin.


Because of the finer needles 0.2mm, the blood exudation will be less during the puncture process, more when the finer needles slice through tissues without risk causing traumatic skin, vessel and nerve damage.




Comfortable treatment process

Based on the 33G-0.2mm needles design, when the needles penetrate into skin during the process, the finer diameter will through the skin quickly with less pressure, however,

General needles need much more pressure from the operator to penetrate into the skin.

This less pressure will make the patients feel comfortable, and with less pain feeling during the process.



Pain patients feel with penetration score 33G VS 30G