Q5 Two Batteries Professional Dermapen

wireless derma pen with two 18350 900mah batteries, powerfull speed, and touch charging design
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Certified medical pen


The Essenlite pen is the new generation medical grate pen with newest research and technology , which is more effective and better than the old type. And certified by ISO13485, IEC60601-1 ,meeting all standards for medical-grade equipment in manufacturing, materials, sterile packaging and more.

Safest technology and design

1.Water proof and dust proof :IP22

2.PCBA board with moisture proof, anti-static, anti corrosion design,ensure the pen works in different environment situation. Besides, the PCBA board is designed to error automatic identification, when situation such as overload or malfunction happens, it will stop to protect the pen.

3.The Essenlite pen passed the type of current leakage tests:

Touch (leakage) current-NC

Touch (leakage) current -SFC

Patient leakage-NC ( DC current)

Patient leakage -SFC ( DC current)

Patient leakage -NC ( AC current)

Patient leakage -SFC ( AC current)

Patient leakage with mains on AP (Type BF)

Pen passed the type of high voltage insulation tests.

4.All tests ensure the Essenlite pen is safe enough as Class II medical device,meets the CE / FDA/ INMETRO demands.


Fastest and powerful motor on the market


The Motor speed designed from 13000 rpm to 15000 rpm, and controlled with 5 speed levels. The above motor design can safely guide the needles penetrate the skin at 3mm or glide over the skin at shorter length without scratching or tearing the skin tissues.This can decrease the epidermal damage and risk of infection,specially used together with the new generation needle cartridges.


Whats more, the motor torque is 135 g-cm, large than most other motors on market ( 120 g-cm), this not only can ensure the best skin penetration,decrease the pressure on skin,also avoid the device halt during working when with 3mm needle length or with large pressure force.


The above speed, torque, together with the new generation needle cartridges, help reduce the treatment pain feeling, make the treatment much more effectively, and total noise less than 50dB.


The safest and powerful battery


The Essenlite pen use the 18350 lithium battery, with capacity 900mah, which can run the pen at highest speed at load condition with around six hours.Battery with overload guard plate to protect itself during charging and discharging. Most poor quality pens on market with the Li-polymer, capacity less than 500mah, in real working situation, working time less than one hour, and easy to emit heat during charging or discharging, tests show the during discharging ( within 20 minutes), surface temperature rise quickly up to 60-70, same test condition, the 18350 lithium performs stable at 40-45. This performance can ensure the pen continue working around six hours, without temperature rise effects cause the halt or board malfunction.


The good 18350 lithium battery circle life is 600 times with not less than 80% capacity, 800 times not less than 60% capacity; while the Li-polymer battery circle life is totally around 330 times.



Optimized compact design technology

Adaptor- PCBA - Battery - Motor, all risk analysis control centre on the PCBA board. Often during the battery discharging process, the speed will be slow as the battery capacity decrease, but the Essenlite pen board is designed to supply stable voltage to ensure the stable speed level, till the designed end of discharging program.

More, the optimized design ensure the total pen ECM radiation meet CE IEC 60601 demands,more details,please refer the manual ECM part.



.After sales service

The 18350  battery warranty life is 800 times circle life, others parts for the pen three years warranty ( then pen designed lifetime is five years), during the warranty, will fix free or send new ones to replace. All the pens before delivery will be tested as the ISO13485 lists,such as the functional testing list.


Needle length penetration control

When say the needle length, it means the length that penetrates deep into the skin length. The length from 0.25mm-2.5.0mm is designed with tolerance +0.25mm, which is longer than the dial.


First, there is gap between skin and the needle cartridge, second, years working will cause abrasion for the transmission.So, the tolerance is necessary, even consider the five years design lite time. Other pens on market design the needles as the length high than the base, which is not reasonable.


Easy and fast touch charging design

The charging base is designed with touch charging, just put on the battery on the base, it will start the charging, during the charging, it is red light, when the charging finishes, it turns green, easy to identity.


To be environment friendly, there is no adaptor, the USB is designed with wide current, suitable to connect the phone adaptor, computer USB port, or port on the USB socket with out put 5V,1-3A.