Replcable Cryo Derma Roller

Replcable Cryo Derma Roller
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Product Description:


Ice roller is a hand held device that has water and gel filled rolling head that can be effectively frozen in the freezer. It can be used at any place and any time to release pain and discomfort instantly. Ice roller can be also used daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.






-Ice Roller is for face and body cool massage

-Ice Roller relieves and soothes the pain, irritation and muscle tension.

-Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, after shaving, massage & when head aches, etc.

-Before and after IPL/laser treatment, Botox, derma roller treatment and any

cosmetic procedure.

- Item at home for sport injury, burn and insect bites without making mess with melted ice

-Against for blemishes, shrink pores, eliminate puffiness



How to use:

1.Clean the roller head and put in the bag

2.Keep Ice Roller in the freezer at all times or have a quick-freezing with 10-15 minutes.

3.Take the roller head from freezer and install with the handle

4.Enjoy the cooling and calming massaging effects on your face and body



1.Do not use on wounded skin tissue

2.Store in a cool place

3.Do not heat this product